“Ideas spring eternal in the human mind”, is one such adage that brings an adrenalin rush down every individual, to think something out of the box and broaden the horizons of their minds. However, one needs to understand that ‘idea’ is one such phenomenon that needs to be catered to, at the right time in order to fructify it.
Drawing parallelism between ideas and the pawns of chess, we come across an interesting derivation. Considering human mind as the chess board, the white and black pawns reflect constructive and destructive, innovative and conventional ideas arising every now and then. Sometimes we are on the brighter side and sometimes we are lost in the maze of dark thoughts and ideas. Since the game of chess requires immense concentration and grit, similarly one needs to choose the most lucrative idea with utmost care.
It is high time to comprehend that we are the ones who can control the pawns/ideas of our mind instead of believing that we are the slaves to the whims and fancies of the society, orthodox ideas or stereotypical mindset. To gain an edge over others in the long run, we need to choose the most appropriate pawn of idea and make some short term sacrifices of our other pawns.
We need to think out of the box to win the game, as walking the beaten path will only lead to us the already achieved feats of people in antiquity. Like the uncertain and unpredictable game of chess, one cannot anticipate an idea to be successful as it can turn the tables in a spur of moment without giving us spare time to deliberate.
The game of chess endows us with the spirit of competitiveness and perseverance which are the leading innards required to choose the best pawn of idea till the end. Our pragmatic and analytical approach in chess helps to decide the next move. Similarly immense deliberations are required before making choices as any one wrong thought can make us fall off the track.
Coming back to the mainstream thought process, ideas are those buds that need to be showered with water of action and sunlight of innovation in order to help it blossom which I believe is best done by the TED talks. An idea has the potential to trigger the wave of zest from the grassroots to the high end lot. And it is the idea that acts as a stimulus to all the actions and reactions of mind, body, individual and community. It is apt to say that there is no better genesis of an idea than human brain but the ideas worth spreading depend upon the level of one’s rationality and far sightedness. And it is the TED organizers who hold true to the belief of improving lives with ideas and experiences of others. It is a true fact that TEDx helps to choose the right pawn of idea amidst the plethora of thoughts and views, thus binding all through a common thread of innovation and action.
Towards the conclusion, human mind is a blank paper whereby the ideas that are worth sharing and spreading lend a picturesque beauty to the page of life. There is no substitute to the productive ideas and thoughts that tend to bring a revolutionary evolution in the vicinity.

It is true that life Is a hard taskmaster that but it is at that time one has to prove his mettle .

Niti Goyal

Niti Goyal

Niti, a stout believer of Karma who strives to provide a rational dimension to her forte of Content Writing.
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Niti Goyal

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