Shivam Malhotra
Being hardworking and resilient, Shivam Malhotra has always been fortitude for TEDxGGDSDCollege. Despite of his fun-loving and caring nature, his attitude towards his work is well matched for leading the TEDx team. With his dedication and perseverance, he lead the team as the Head of Marketing and Communication Department and the Head of Graphic Designing Department for TEDxGGDSDCollege’16. Being précise towards his work, his attention to details puts him on the top-notch position as he is. His team work and his leadership qualities being his strength in his working arena, makes him the perfect Organiser of TedxGGDSDCollege 2017. He is the one who puts it all together to perfection.
Contact No. 8054340151
Shubham Manchanda
With the aim to become an entrepreneur, Shubham Manchanda stands tall and proud as the Co- Organiser of TEDxGGDSDCollege 2017. Dedication and perseverance flow through his veins and he is the perfect blend of humility and sincerity. His multiple experiences (Head organiser of Diva Miss North India 2016,Secretary General - Enactus, Joint Secretary of Rotaract Club Shivalik to name a few), in heading various college organisations add to his knowledge and tactful nature. Being approachable and friendly, one looks forward to learning from him to the maximum.
Contact No. 7009087630